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This podcast consists of selected talks, homilies, and presentations to help everyone encounter Christ,

grow into the person God is calling you to be, and witness to the difference it makes to have Jesus in your life.

No matter how steep the climb, may you keep your eyes fixed on Christ!

Sep 28, 2020

On this 26th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Chris Stanish prepares to begin a new preaching series called "The Victorious Secret". In this introduction to the series, he reveals the secret to fighting against competition and envy.

Sep 21, 2020

On this 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Deacon Bob Marben discusses how no matter what our circumstances are in life God's mercy is available for each of us.

Sep 19, 2020

Once a month, St. Teresa of Avila's Campus Ministry hosts an evening of adoration with praise and worship. This evening FOCUS Missionary, Gina Boeding, gives her personal testimony of how Jesus speaks truth to the heart.

Sep 14, 2020

On this 24th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Chris Stanish concludes a two-part preaching series called "The Real 'F' Word: Forgiveness". In this second part, he discusses what forgiveness is and four steps on how to forgive.

Sep 7, 2020

On this 23rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Chris Stanish begins a new preaching series called "The Real 'F' Word...Forgiveness". In this first part, he discusses resentment and the collateral damage that takes place when we are unwilling to forgive.