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This podcast consists of selected talks, homilies, and presentations to help everyone encounter Christ,

grow into the person God is calling you to be, and witness to the difference it makes to have Jesus in your life.

No matter how steep the climb, may you keep your eyes fixed on Christ!

Oct 31, 2018

On this 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Deacon Bob Marben discusses how we can be spiritually blind in our lives and how Jesus has come to heal us.

Oct 27, 2018

Each month, St. Teresa of Avila Campus Ministry hosts a night of adoration and Praise & Worship called INSPIRE. In this message, Fr. Chris Stanish discusses some practical tips on how we can have a better prayer life.

Oct 22, 2018

On this 29th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Chris Stanish discusses what true greatness is and how we can examen ourselves to be better each day.

Oct 15, 2018

On this 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Chris Stanish talks about three ways to prevent yourself from just drifting through life.

Oct 11, 2018

On this 27th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Fr. Chris Stanish addresses the college students about how we are made for mission. He invites them to consider going to Mexico City for Spring break.